Tactical Pants

The term “Tactical Pants” sounds odd to me every time that I say it. I have a bit of trouble convincing myself that trousers can be tactical. Nonetheless, I shelled out $50 U.S. for a pair of “Blackhawk Warrior Wear Tactical Pants.”

I hadn’t seen these before I ordered them. I had seen 5.11 Tactical’s Tactical Pants and I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Now that I have these, and now that I have these on, I am fairly impressed. These feel like what I would imagine BDUs would feel like if Dickies make BDUs. The pants are made of 8.5oz cotton canvas. This means that one square yard of this material weighs 8.5 ounces. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a heavy and durable canvas duck material. These definitely aren’t lightweight jungle BDU’s.

BlackHawk’s Warrior Wear Tactical Pants come with reinforced cuffs and pockets, and also double knees. I was surprised to find a heavy metal zipper instead of the more traditional buttons. To be fair, there was also an inner button and an outer rivet, giving the pants a sort of “belt and suspenders” durability.

Elastic webbing in the cargo pockets is a nice touch. It’s designed for magazines, but should work to hold down a wide variety of items. This will prevent the annoying sound and motion often associated with carrying heavy items in your cargo pockets.

The waistband features an innovative expandable feature which manages to work very well and also remain hidden. The waistband also includes a thin rubber grip on the inside to keep your shirt tucked in. Clearly, the boys at BlackHawk are as interested in looking good as they are in performing well.

The pants have 10 pockets. You might not want to use all ten, but they do give you a lot of options. The opening of the front hidden wallet pocket is a bit small for my big club-like hands. If a 1911 feels too small for you to hold comfortably, you may experience the same issue with that pocket.

If ten pockets aren’t enough for you, BlackHawk also provides Strike webbing on the back of the pants and a 550 cord loop on the front. If you need more equipment than this, I might recommend that you carry a CFP-90. :D

Personally, I would feel better with drawstrings in the cuffs. Those were probably left out to improve the look of the pants with regular shoes.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with the amount of thought and care that the team at BlackHawk has put into these pants. If you have the option, I highly recommend that you order yourself a pair for testing.

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