Tactical Gear

Quality tactical gear can mean the difference between success and failure — between life and death.

The most basic piece of tactical gear is a suit of camouflage clothing.

You will also need a backpack to take what you need with you.

Night vision gear will help you get there in the dark.

And, of course, MRE’s help you get there in shape to fight.

For our urban warriors, riot police gear can be the key to staying healthy enough to protect civilized society.

To improve your chances of hitting your target, check out these rifle scopes, reflex sights, and laser sights.

To carry and protect your handgun, you will need a gun holster.

The bad guys have guns too, so sometimes it’s important to have a good set of Body Armor to help keep yourself alive. If you are facing a more serious set of bad guys, you might even consider an Armored Car.

Surveillance Equipment can help you maintain your operational security while also sometimes preventing the bad guys from maintaining their operational security.

Depending upon your inclinations, a set of Lock Picks can help you get out of or into a lot of trouble.

Training equipment like Paintball, Airsoft, and Simunitions are used to create realistic simulation of small-unit actions.

The best weapon is a sharp mind. Books and Videos can help you keep that weapon loaded.