Swiss Military Watch Manufacturers

The Swiss are world-renowned for their watch making craft. Their timepieces are often regarded by watch buyers and collectors with high quality, precision, and prestige. Similarly, Swiss professional and technical watches carry the same stamp of precision, accuracy, and functionality.
Hanowa Ltd.

Hans Noll established this company in Biel in the early 60’s. It had a reputation for producing “fantasy” watches. These included ring watches, pendant watches, and clip watches. Later on, the company converted its production to sports watches. The brand HW Swiss Military was born out of this transition. Its sister brand, Swiss-Eagle, soon followed. The new brand targeted the same market, but it offered rather special pieces. The last of its brands is Swiss Military Hanowa. It specializes in watches that combine the strength of a sports watch and the precision of a military watch.
Military Watch Company

The Military Watch Company (MWC) is a Swiss manufacturer of military watches. It supplies its products to the military, police forces, and other government departments worldwide. The company also manufactures customer specific design requirements, contracted designs, and serials available to a larger consumer group. Pilots and professional divers are the usual consumers for the brand.

Traser is a Swiss made H3 watch manufactured by mb-microtec. This watch features a self-activating light source. The illuminating device called GTLS (gaseous tritium light source) does not require any battery or an external power supply. This component also needs no activation, requires minimal maintenance, and has a life of over 20 years. This feature is helpful in the emergency, safety, and protection industries.

Since 1991, Traser H3 watches and other mb-microtec manufactured timepieces have been officially issued to the United States Armed Forces.
Victorinox Swiss Army

Victorinox has been making the world renowned Swiss Army Knife for over a hundred years. It was founded in 1897 in Ibach. Since then, Victorinox has built a reputation for its heritage of quality craftsmanship, precision, functionality, and versatility. This heritage has been extended to Victorinox Swiss Army Watches, a line of products geared to the largest segment of the market.

As a testimony to its reputation, the Swiss Army brand is recognized by 90% of Americans and is known in over a hundred countries. In addition, 1 out of 5 Swiss made timepieces imported into the United States carries the cross and shield Victorinox emblem.

Wenger SA of Switzerland is the renowned manufacturer of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife. The company was established in the town of Delemont, at the center of the Swiss Jura region. It has been manufacturing this multi-purpose pocketknife for over a hundred years. It is one of the two official producers of Swiss Army knives and has been supplying the Swiss Army with “the standard issue” knife since 1908.

The Wenger Swiss Military watch is the company’s brand of timepiece catering to all types of consumers. These include outdoor enthusiasts and in-office executives. All Wenger Swiss Military watches use ETA Swiss movements for precision.

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