Spectre Gear Tactical Thigh Holster

I recently purchased a Spectre Gear Tactical Thigh Holster.

This holster is a great improvement over my old thigh holster, for several reasons.

One is that the velcro belt attachment makes it possible to attach the holster without undoing my belt. This is a significant enhancement to convenience.

Another is that the vertical strap is more adjustable. I prefer to wear my thigh rig very high. My previous thigh rig just couldn’t get that far up.

A third advantage is the rubberized strips on the thigh straps. These help to prevent the pistol from moving around when you run or dodge. This makes the Specter ear Tactical Thigh Holster much more comfortable than my old thigh holster.

I prefer to use a pressure-retention system over a retaining strap, but I could not find a thigh holster with that design.

I am pretty ambivalent regarding the extra magazine holder on the front of the holster. It’s not my favorite placement, but it hasn’t seemed to get in the way.

This is one of the very few thigh holsters I could find which were offered in a left-hand model and supported a full-size HK USP. In fact, the Spectre Gear holster is available in more colors and options for more pistols than any other thigh holster I have come

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