Rocky Boots

Company Background

Rocky Outdoor Gear is a manufacturer of occupational and outdoor footwear. It was established in 1932 and has its headquarters located in Nelsonville, Ohio. Rocky Outdoor Gear has been providing various types of shoes and boots to around three thousand retail outlets.

Rocky Outdoor Gear Military Boots

One of the most popular types of boots offered by Rocky Outdoor Gear is its military boots. Rocky military boots adopt the applicable technologies present in other Rocky footwear. Efficient materials and techniques used in making hiking and hunting footwear are incorporated in Rocky military boots. This results to durable outsole systems, comfortable insoles, and minimal weight.

Below are some of its most popular military boots:

Rocky S2V Boot

The Rocky S2V Boot is one of the manufacturer’s popular footwear under this category. This boot is available in tan and has advanced features for protection. Among these are its PTFE-treated sides and panels that make the boot flame resistant. It has drainage vents that prevent water from filling the boot. It also functions to keep debris from entering the boot. In addition, the inner part of the boot has a microbe shield that stops the growth of fungus and bacteria. The Super-Touch material used in the boot’s upper protects the wearer’s feet from punctures, abrasions, and animal and insect bites.

Rocky 8-inch Tan Hot Weather Boot

The Rocky 8-inch Tan Hot Weather Boot is another example of military boots designed by Rocky Outdoor Gear. The boot’s features mainly concentrate on ventilation and traction. Among its ventilation features are drainage ports that let moisture out while blocking sand and debris. Its uppers are made of tan suede leather which provides breathability. Its most significant traction feature is its advanced Vibram outsoles. This sole design has been tested and proven to give foot grip and stability even in unstable surfaces such as those found in deserts.

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