Paintball is a type of a combat sport in which the players (who are normally divided in teams) try to eliminate their opponents by shooting them with spherical plastic capsules filled with water-soluble paint. The opponent is usually said to be killed if any paintball shot from a member of the opposite team hits him in the torso or head.

Paintball is an excellent training tool. It helps to prepare the players for situations that might arise in the field, be it acts of terrorism or hostage situations; this form of training prepares them to make the right decisions at the right time.

Paintball is played of sport as well and research shows that the sport is practiced by 10 million people in USA alone. The most popular types of paintball forms are woodsball, speedball and scenario. The spherical balls are fired from grenades and rifles specially made for shooting them. The specific rules of paintball vary from people to people. An average game of paintball can last anywhere between five minutes and thirty minutes. Talking about little bit of history, the first paintballs were made in the 1950s by Nelson Paint Company. They were used for forest related activities such as marking trees as well as to mark animals like cows.

Though there should be as much aggression as possible by each player, the game should be played safely. Hence, the players wear equipment like vests that minimize the pain when the ball strikes. The vests are normally available in all sizes and they have adjustable pockets for keeping pellets, maps, etc. Also the players should wear protective goggles and mask for safety. This is because paintballs can cause a lot of pain when they hit delicate areas such as the eyes and the ears. The flaps of the mask cover the ears.

The paintballs shot from the rifles travel at an average velocity of 300 feet per second. However commercial paintball rifles may fire paintballs at 191 mph. The paintball’s velocity can be checked with a chronograph before the game begins. When not playing, the players should apply a barrel blocking device such as a barrel cover or a barrel condom. The barrel cover is in the form of a small bag and it is covers the front of the barrel.

In military training and overall playing, the main aim in paintball is to eliminate players of the opposite side. Hence a player gets eliminated if he is hit by a paintball which breaks open on strike with a mark in paint. However, a paintball that breaks open on other object before hitting the player is not a valid hit. This is known as a splatter. In most cases a hit on any part of the body except the head is valid. In case a player is not sure whether there is a valid hit (maybe because of the spray from paintball hitting another object) then he may ask the referee for his opinion. This request is known as a paint check. Removing as hit and continuing to play is a serious offence and the player maybe banned for a certain period of time.

With paintball when you get shot, you get the chance to start over, in most real world cases, not so. So the aim in simulation is to not get shot, the same as it is in real life!

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Manufacturers of Paintball Equipment


Paintball Sights, Our e-dot sights use the same technology employed by fighter aircraft to achieve fast target acquisition. iMPTM Red Dot Air Gun Sight, Hot ShotTM, Sure ShotTM, Square Shooter2TM.

Airgun Design

Produces computer aided design, high quality, air powered paintball marker guns and parts.


Air Concepts Industries, Inc. ACI distribution include products from Scott, Nelson, Pointblank Paintballs, Indian Creek Designs, ViewLoader, Worrgames, WDP, Benchmark, Tippmann, JT, Catalina Cylinders and ADCO.


Excalibur, Viking, Mitey Max, Sidewinder, Tornado Valve, Lightning Bolt, and Javelin are trademarks of AKALMP Inc.

Allen Paintball Products

Manufactures accessories for paintball.

Avalon Manufacturing

Manufacturer of the Diamond GT and GT Commando series. Avalon also produces soft goods which include Harnesses, Paintball Hoppers, Tubes, and Jerseys.


Manufactures the Inferno semi-auto and a wide selection of customizing products.


Manufactures cradles, 45 frames, expansion chambers, and accessories.

Brass Eable

Brass Eagle brand guns have a dominant leadership position in the mass merchant and retail specific chains.

Camouflage Systems

Camo gear ghillie pants, jackets and more soft gear.

CCI Phantom Online

Manufactures phantom paintball guns.


Manufactures mongoose paintball guns.

Diggers Shoes

Offers Diggers Silencer and X-treme paintball shoes.

DYE Products

Offers marker guns, barrels, air systems and more.

Gun F/X

Force on force training product manufacturer.

Indian Creek Design

Manufactures marker guns with no cast or stamped parts, only CNC precision machined components.

J & J Performance

Offers precision barrels.


The Kapp Reflex Autococker marker bodies are the only factory Games bodies with a built in feed port. Not press-in. Each body is machined with perfection.

Kingman Intl.

The maker of Spyder paintball guns offers a large variety of markers including the Java series, XTRA, Shutter and TL Plus.

Palmer Pursuit

Custom built paintball marker guns.

Pursuit Marketing (PMI)

One of the worlds largest paintball marker and accessories manufacturer. Their product line includes the Piranha marker, X-Ray goggles and Razzor barrels.

Redz Comfort Gear

Complete line of soft and protective gear.


Manufactures unique shot deflecting anti-jam ball hopper.

RP Scherer

Manufactures Premium paintballs, Marballizer, Premium Gold, Polar Ice, El’ Tigre, Slam and RPS Lightning.

Smart Parts

Manufactures marker guns, barrels, air systems.

Tec Pro

Manufactures a unique sticker for your lens or goggles.

Tippmann Pneumatics

Tippmann guns including the Model 98, Pro Carbine and the SL – 68 offer quality, dependability and workmanship.


Manufactures both the tracer units and the tracerballs.


Manufactured products include, the all new VL Envy force feed electronic loaders, the new VL eVLution II with Y-board, all-new Z-Board Upgrade Kit that upgrades your current eVLution II loader for increased “out-of-the-gate” speed.

WDP Angel

Manufacturers of dependable very high quality electric paintball guns.

Worr Game

Best known for the Autococker series of markers. One of the most effective paint guns ever built in terms of accuracy and range.

Zap Paintball

Manufactures AMP Reactor, AMP Generator, AMP Transformer, ZXS – 500, ZXS – 440, ZXS – 400, ZXS – 200 marker guns.

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