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Night Vision equipment has been around for quite a few years, but the newer night vision equipment is much better than the older gear. In addition to night vision binoculars and monoculars, which help you to see in low-light conditions, night-vision scopes let you reach out and touch someone, even in near total darkness.

Night Vision Equipment Manufacturers

ATN Corp

At ATN our brand of Night Vision Devices, Night Vision Binoculars, Night Vision Monoculars, Night Vision Scopes and Daytime Rifle Scopes are widely recognized as the most innovative and highest quality made.


Since Dave Bushnell founded the company in 1947, Bushnell has built its position as the market leader in sports optics through a combination of optical performance, innovation, reliability and value. Bushnell leads the market in all product categories. Bushnell has created the world’s best-known optical products for hunting, birding, spectator sports, stargazing and more, including sports optics marketed under the Bausch & Lomb brand name. Bushnell manufactures scopes, reflex sights, and night vision equipment.

Night Vision Equipment Company

Night Vision Equipment Company, Inc. (NVEC) is a leading manufacturer of innovative products and combat systems. For your ease of use, these are categorized within this website and our catalog as Combat ID, Night Vision, Thermal Imaging, and Aimer/Illuminator product lines. In addition, an Accessory line complements these offerings to provide a complete solution. At NVEC, we continue to expand our Training and Repair capabilities and offer these as value added services. Our company continues to explore new technologies and products as well as new applications for existing products. NVEC communicates directly with our customers to develop the products that will provide a technological advantage for combat operations.


Since 1994, NightOptics USA, Inc. has been supplying Night Vision and Optical products to the Commercial, Law Enforcement, and Military markets. Nightoptics USA, Inc has always set itself apart from the competition by developing products that are truly unique by virtue of their versatility. utilizes the most modern components and manufacturing processes.

Night Vision Equipment Resellers

Your American BackyardYour American Backyard

A wide selection of Optics including Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Rangefinders, Red Dot Sights and Rifle Scopes.

Excalibur Electro Optics

Excalibur Electro Optics is the world’s largest stocking distributor of night vision devices.

Optical Devices, Ltd.

Wide range of optical devices from all Russian optical factories.

Night Vision Planet

Binoculars, monoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes, telescopes, and opera glasses


Based in Miami, Florida the “Gate of Latin America” Nightline specializes in the marketing, sale, and maintenance of surveillance security products. Our primary focus is on night operations and we offer a complete selection of image intensification, thermal imaging and infrared (IR) systems to meet any and all government/law enforcement requirements.

Night Vision Googles For Sale on

Night Owl NOTG1 1x Night Vision Goggles with I/R Illuminator
Night Owl NOTG1 1x Night Vision Goggles with I/R Illuminator

The Night Owl Goggles are premium night vision goggles that are face-mounted for convenient hands-free viewing with 1:1 real-time image projection and 1,885 feet field of view. They provide an extremely close-up focusing range from 9-in to infinity. Additionally, the goggles feature a high-performance integrated infrared illuminator for comfortable viewing in complete darkness. Night Owl’s NOTG1 goggles are perfect for both recreational and professional purposes. The head mount provides hands-free use with a face-mounted A-frame design. The goggles have a high-performance 35,000x light amplification and a range of view of 225 feet. Night Owl NOTG1 goggles have a self-contained integrated infrared system and also include precision 1x magnification for real-time use.

Bushnell Night Vision Goggle with Headgear
Bushnell Night Vision Goggle with Headgear

Bushnell Night Vision. Ten state-of-the-art, compact designs that offer superior vision in the lowest light conditions. Setting the standard in light-gathering technology, each product features built-in infrared illuminators for enhanced images even in the darkest shadows. Ideal when camping, caving and observing wildlife under the veil of darkness, they’re equally suited for patrolling warehouses and similar surveillance operations where no detectable ambient light exists. Our audio monocular model even features a boom microphone, headphone and recording port, so you’ll see and hear exactly what you’re looking at. Bushnell Night Vision is the ultimate in stealth, and that’s a quality no flashlight can ever claim.

ATN Viper 1st Generation Night Vision Goggle
ATN Viper 1st Generation Night Vision Goggle

The Viper 1st generation night vision goggle system provides hands-free use of compact monocular with sturdy headgear. With an infrared illuminator for viewing in the darkest conditions, the monocular can be used with or without the headgear.

Yukon Advanced Optics 1x24 Head Mount Kit Night Vision Monocular
Yukon Advanced Optics 1×24 Head Mount Kit Night Vision Monocular

The NVMT is ruggedly constructed, in a compact, lightweight, water-resistant composite housing. Its ergonomically-friendly body is rubber-armored and comes with a padded corduroy carrying case, carrying strap and innovative lens cover. The entire unit is self-contained and can operate for up to 20 hours on a CR 123R battery at temperatures from -22 degrees F to 104 degrees F. Two 1/4″ mounts allow it to be used for a head mount or as a rifle scope. It can even be coupled with an exclusive rifle mount/laser system that brings it right to the top of the newest generation of compact night vision rifle scopes.

Night Vision Bionoculars For Sale on

Night Owl NONH4U Night Hawk 4x Night Vision Binoculars with I/R Illuminator
Night Owl NONH4U Night Hawk 4x Night Vision Binoculars with I/R Illuminator

The uni-body construction of the Night Owl Night Hawk night-vision scope contains two high-quality intensifier tubes that are preadjusted to give you optimal viewing results. This design also reduces the overall weight of the scope, making it only two pounds. You can safely use them with a temperature range of -22 F to 113 degrees F (-30 C to 45 degrees C). Its quick diopter adjustments, combined with the instant distance focus, ensure that these binoculars give you the quick focusing action you need for nocturnal wildlife observation. This compact, easy-to-use night vision scope has an integrated infrared illuminator and requires two AA batteries to operate. The protective lens covers are attached to the body.

Night Owl Compact=
Night Owl Compact Night Vision Binocular

Night Owl’s compact binoculars are ideal for individuals who intend to operate them for extended periods of time. Take them boating, fishing, or use them for navigation and long-term surveillance and security. They offer high- performance 30,000x light amplification with a fully integrated illuminator. With 4x image magnification, you’ll be able to view all the details of your night scenes. These Night Owl binoculars provide high quality optics in a lightweight and compact package.

Night Vision Monoculars For Sale on

Night Owl Night Odyssey Monocular
Night Owl Night Odyssey Monocular

The Night Owl Odyssey night vision unit is a 100% waterproof floating device, yet it is compact and lightweight at 14 oz. It features power and IR light indications for easy operation and comes with a refined, fully integrated infrared illuminator. The Odyssey also boasts our exclusive ocular with 5 individual glass elements, 3.1x image magnification and a 42-mm objective lens for clear nocturnal viewing results.

Night Owl NOCX5 Explorer Pro 5x Night Vision Scope with I/R Illuminator
Night Owl NOCX5 Explorer Pro 5x Night Vision Scope with I/R Illuminator

The Night Owl Explorer Pro boasts a high-grade 48-mm camera quality objective lens providing 5x image magnification and unsurpassed resolution for higher quality distant visibility. Precision-engineered to higher specifications, the Explorer Pro is a top of the line, feature-packed, full-sized night vision monocular.

Night Owl NODS3 3.1x Discovery Night Vision Monocular with I/R Illuminator
Night Owl NODS3 3.1x Discovery Night Vision Monocular with I/R Illuminator

The versatile Night Owl Discovery night vision monocular incorporates a powerful integrated infrared illuminator and a tripod adapter within a lightweight and small body frame. It features soft-touch control buttons, power and IR indicators and a compact ergonomic design that comfortably fits in one hand. Equipped with a standard 5-element glass ocular and an objective assembly that includes a condenser lens for brighter images.

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