Military Surplus

Military Surplus doesn’t quite mean what it used to mean. Much of the equipment sold as military surplus these days was never owned or utilized by the military.

Some of it was manufactured by military contractors to military standards — but much of it was manufactured strictly for sale to civilians.

Some civilian gear is so good that it is adopted by military special operations units, and a few items of civilian gear have been good enough to be adopted by the military for general issue.

Unfortunately, most civilian gear is only suitable for short-term or light-duty and is not designed or built for long-term use under extreme conditions. If your gear is not Genuine Issue, you had better know what you are doing.

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International Military Sales PLUS

Coleman’s Surplus

With our vast supply of government surplus, if you’re looking for a particular aircraft part, military vehicle part, army surplus tank part, navy ship part etc., let us help you. If we do not have it in our military surplus supply stock, we may be able to locate it for you.

Major Surplus and Survival

We carry massive amounts of military surplus items good for the jungle to the Arctic.

Ted’s Military Surplus

All items are new unless otherwise stated. Items listed as genuine issue items are made by military contractors and used by the military. Items listed as GI style are items made for the civilian market or by outside contractors. Used items will be in the Surplus section with a description of condition.

Federal Army & Navy Surplus

Our retail store offers over 8,000 items and online we have over 4,000 – both of which are growing at a rapid rate!

1st Army Supply

Lowest price guaranteed.

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Army Surplus Warehouse

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