Military Surplus Boots

A huge part of the success of any military operation depends on the tactical gear used by its operatives. Undoubtedly, military boots are one of the most essential gears needed in such operations.

Proper military boots should provide speed and ease in walking, running, and leaping. Military boots also provide comfort and protection in hostile environments.

Given their significance, it is important to know where and how to buy proper military boots.

Types of Military Boots

Military boots are classified according to the operations in which they will be used in.

  1. Desert BootsDesert boots are designed for use in hot and humid environments.
  2. Cold weather BootsCold weather boots are appropriate for operations in snowy and chilly places.

Brand New Military boots

The primary sources of military boots are stores that specialize in military and tactical equipment. A huge selection of brand new military boots is often found in these establishments. Most often, customers are permitted to try on the boots to let them have a feel of it while walking around the area. Military boots in these establishments are priced from a little over a hundred dollars to around three hundred dollars.

Used Military Boots

Used military boots are also sold in a few of these abovementioned establishments. These boots are often priced much lower than brand new ones. However, used military boots are usually limited to a few pairs as they arrive in stores less frequently than new ones.

Care should be observed when purchasing used military boots. Examine each pair carefully and look out for damaged parts. Particular areas of concern are uppers and soles. Also check if the boot’s stitching is still intact.

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