Martial Arts

Training is the absolute most important single factor for success in the martial arts. Practice, practice, practice. In the martial arts, nothing is more important than practice. The equipment listed here will help you to train. Now get your butt into the dojo!

Martial Arts Equipment Resellers

BrotherSmith Swords

Medieval swords, bowie knives, fencing foils and historical replica guns and armor from manufacturers worldwide

Extremely Sharp

Swords, knives, armor and martial arts training equipment

Great Martial Arts Stuff

Supplying you with many martial arts products, many of which are not the typical offerings. Many of these products have been created for our own use and these items soon became popular and in demand with others.

Long Sword

Replica and historic arms for the hobbyist, collector and re-enactor


Aluminum training blades

Tae Kwon Do Shop

Tae Kwon Do supplies, equipment and uniforms.


Get Tough: How to Win in Hand-to-Hand Fighting Kill or Get Killed Secrets of street Survival: Israeli Style Fighter's Fact Book
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