Marathon Watch Company

Company Profile

The Marathon Watch Company is a Canadian watch manufacturer. It specializes in instruments that measure time, temperature, and distance. It distributes its products to industries and supplies mechanical instruments to most of the world’s government and military entities.

The marathon Watch Company presently supplies watches to the United States and Canadian militaries and SAR (search and rescue) teams. It is the only official supplier to the American armed forces. In fact, it is the sole company that holds the contract to supply gaseous tritium luminous timepieces to the United States Government.

The company that was to be the Marathon Watch company was first founded as Weinsturm Watch in 1904. It was later renamed to Wein Brothers. Morris Wein founded the Marathon Watch in 1939 in Montreal. It supplied precision timepieces to retailers throughout North America. At the onset of WWII, the company manufactured timing instruments for the Allied Forces.

Its culture of manufacturing innovative instruments for measuring time, distance, and temperature continues today. Its manufacturing facilities are found in Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

Trademark Technology

Most Marathon Watch Company timepieces use tiny glass vials filled with tritium gas on their hands and face. This technology provides a solid, bright glow that won’t fade for several years. Below are the advantages of the said technology:

  • It does not require exposure to light to charge up the glow;
  • The glow does not fade in a few ours, unlike ordinary light-charged lume systems;
  • Radiation output of the tritium vials is very low, unlike older watches with industrial radium lume.


Some of Marathon Watch Company’s time-measuring products are:

  • Wristwatches
  • Pocket watches
  • Stop watches
  • Clocks
  • Timers

The Marathon Watch Company also manufactures optical devices. These include:

  • Scopes,
  • Binoculars

Its measuring instruments include:

  • Calibers
  • Thermometers
  • Timers

Government Issued Models

  1. The Marathon General Purpose Watch is manufactured for the United States Army in March 2005, in accordance with the standards set by the armed forces.

    Features and Specifications:

    • Mechanical military wrist watch
    • Intended use for the field
    • tritium vials for illumination
    • 17-jewel mechanical movement
    • Waterproof, dustproof, high impact fibreshell case
    • Water resistant to 3 atmospheres
    • 2 time scale analog dial
    • Stop second hack
    • 36-hour nonmagnetic and stem winding mechanism
  2. The Marathon SAR was manufactured in contract for the Canadian Department of National Defense. They are issued to select Search and Rescue technicians, the Canadian equivalent of the United States Air Forces elite ParaRescue teams.

    General Features and Description:

    • Black dial with superluminova markers
    • 2.8mm sapphire crystal with date cyclops
    • Protected screw-down crown
    • 40-41mm diameter case
    • Brushed 316L stainless steel case and bracelet
    • Water resistant up to 1000 feet
    • 120 click unidirectional time elapse bezel
    • ETA 2824 automatic movement
  3. The Marathon Navigator was a military issue watch manufactured for US Air force pilots during the Operation Desert Storm. Production of this timepiece stopped with the end of the Gulf war. This model went back into production in 1999.

    General Specifications and Description:

    • 12-Hour GMT bezel
    • battery hatch
    • Steel case
    • Water resistant up to 6 atmospheres

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