Luminox Watch Company

The Luminox Watch Company is a Swiss watch manufacturing company. It was established in 1989 by two American businessmen, one of whom is Barry Cohen. The company specializes in producing timepieces that feature a self-powered illuminating system. Barry Cohen bought the technology that originated in Switzerland. Later on, it was dubbed as the Luminox Light Technology (LLT).

Company History

Luminox watches started with a basic structure and model. Over time, these watches grew in variety. Luminox Watches such as the 1993 dive model were developed with the active sports market in mind. The same model was re-engineered to meet the rigourous specifications of the US Navy SEALs. In 1994, the elite specialist group used the revamped dive model. This was the original SEAL Dive Series.

Luminox offered the same watch to consumers and was met with success. The company then expanded its consumer market to include the active consumer, law enforcement agencies, and military groups.


Every Luminox watch is equipped with a self-powered illuminating system. Gas lights or borosilicate glass capsules provide the illumination. These components require no external light source to power the illumination.

Also, Luminox’s illuminating devices do not require activation with the push of a button. This is in contrast to watches with electroluminescence.

Non-activated illumination is possible with the use of tiny hollow, tubular beads. Each bead interior is coated with a phosphorescent material. These tubular beads are then injected with gaseous Tritium, a radioactive compound. The electrons cast off by the decaying Tritium excite the luminescent matter in the bead. This gives off the brightly illuminated point.

The United States Military has recognized the advantages of micro gas light sources. This is why the Luminox diver was easily accepted as a Navy SEAL watch.

Luminox Watch Models

Below is a list of Luminox watch models for Special Forces:

Original LUMINOX Watch Navy SEAL Series

  • LUMINOX Navy SEAL Dive Watch (Series 1) – This is the original watch series introduced to the Navy SEAL teams in 1994.
    • LUMINOX Navy SEAL Dive Watch (Series 2)
    • LUMINOX Navy SEAL Steel Series

LUMINOX Watch Black Ops Series

  • LUMINOX Navy SEAL Titanium Series
  • LUMINOX Navy SEAL Steel/Carbon Fiber Dive Series
  • LUMINOX Ultimate Navy SEAL Dive Series

LUMINOX Watch Diver/Marine Series

  • LUMINOX Ladies Dive Series
  • LUMINOX Dive Professional Series
  • LUMINOX Sea Diver Series
  • LUMINOX Marine Series

LUMINOX Watch Special Forces Series

  • LUMINOX F-117 Nighthawk Series
  • LUMINOX F-16 Fighting Falcon Series
  • LUMINOX Special Forces Series

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