Indestructable Luggage

Most luggage is designed for infrequent trips within the civilized world. If your travel takes you off the beaten path, you need luggage that can survive in that environment.

I have been using Tumi luggage. It is soft-sided, but those soft-sides are built of ballistic nylon. My Tumi luggage shows a lot of wear, but it has yet to fail me.

I just purchased a Hardigg im2500. This hard-sided case is manufactured with injection-molded plastic. It’s also waterproof. This case will protect itself and whatever you put in it.

Very conveniently, the case is the maximum size allowed by FAA regulations for carry-on use. This is the toughest carry-on that you will ever own.

Hardigg doesn’t sell to end-users, so you will have to go through a reseller to purchase this case. I tried to purchase one of these a few months ago and the reseller never shipped it. Luckily, I found a good reseller this time, John at Deployable Systems. John saved me a lot of money on this case, as he sells it for only $109.

The only downside to the case is it’s carrying capacity. Due to the design, it is noticeably smaller inside than my Tumi carry-on. With this case, you will have to pack lighter than usual — but what you pack will get there safely.

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