German Military Watches

World War II German Military Issue Service Watches

Military watches issued by the Unified Armed Forces of Germany (Wehrmacht) were manufactured by many German and Swiss watchmakers contracted by the government. The Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force), and Kriegsmarine (naval) among other German organizations determined their contract specifications for their watches.

Most of these watches were manually wound, shock and water resistant, had screw-on stainless steel casebacks, and sometimes had nickel or steel watch cases. Dial faces were usually black with luminous radium numbers, and its hands had a subseconds dial. Watch case diameters usually ranged at 34mm. Variations between German and Swiss manufactured watches were commonly present, including snap back case for German-made watches.

Some Swiss and German watch manufacturers contracted by the German government included:

* Arsa
* Civitas
* Freco
* Glycine
* Helbro
* Helma
* Longines
* Minerva
* Moser
* Nisus
* Record
* Revue
* Titus
* General
* Watch&Co
* Hado
* Pforzheim
* Gustonia
* Acacia
* Era
* Onsa
* Siegerin
* Monitor
* Tritona
* Aeschbach
* Berg
* Omega
* Titus
* Geering

The D codes found stamped on the watches made by the Swiss were another main difference between German and Swiss made military watches. Generally, these codes were believed to stand for “Dienstuhr “Service Watch”. These codes referred to the service branch that contracted for the watches. Imported contract watches were required to have these markings for contract documentation.

Most of the German made military watches issued by the Wehrmacht did not have these codes. It is speculated that the German watch manufacturers were not required to mark these codes as they were carefully inspected and regulated by the German government.

Wehrmacht issued military watches had their serial numbers recorded on the service member’s pay book. The service members were expected to return the watches upon discharge.

Wristwatches during that time were considered tools of the trade rather than fashionable luxury items. Lower enlisted ranks were generally not issued watches. This is because their duties did not require one and they could not afford it.

Here is a sample list of Wehrmacht issued military watches:

Watch Manufacturer Manufactured Date
Para Bruchsicher 782 S Para Germany 1938
Acacia S.A Geneve Acacia S.A Geneva Switzerland 1938
Phenix Phenix Switzerland 1938
Mimo D6676H MIMO Switzerland 1938
Revue Sport Revue Sport 1938
Recta Recta Germany 1938
Buhre Paul Buhre 1938
Helma Helma Switzerland 1938
Silvana Wide Lugs Silvana Switzerland 1939
Grana Wide Lugs Grana Switzerland 1939
Helios Helios Switzerland 1939
Silvana2 Silvana 1939
Modern German Military Watch Manufacturers

Today, modern military watch manufacturers continue the tradition of excellence to produce finely crafted and accurate timepieces. This is done while combining the products with innovative technologies to match the demands of the toughest conditions. Below is an incomplete list of modern military watch manufacturers:

* A. Lange & Soehne
* Almanus
* Alpha Time
* Archimede
* Arctos
* Aristo Vollmer
* Ars eTempus
* Askania Uhren
* Bagger & Gehring
* Bethge
* Blancier Lotterman & Sohne
* Botta
* Braun
* Brior
* Bruno Soehnle
* Bunz
* Chronosport now Guinand
* Chronoswiss
* Churpf?lzische
* UhrenManufactur
* Damasko
* D. Dornblueth & Sohn
* Egon Hummel
* Erhard Junghans
* Erwin Sattler
* Forum
* Fricker
* Garde
* George J Von Burg
* Germano
* Glashuette Original
* Graf Zeppelin
* Guinand
* Hacher
* Halide
* Hanhart
* Heinrich Geisen
* Hentschel
* Holdermann & Sohn
* Jacques Etoile
* JB-Gioacchino
* Jochen Benzinger
* Joerg Schauer
* Jubilar
* Junghans
* Junkers
* Kadloo
* Kronsegler
* Kurth
* Laco
* Lang & Heyne
* Leumas
* Limes
* Lindburgh & Benson
* Marcello C.
* Maximilian
* Mechanische Zeitinstrumente
* Meer
* Meistersinger
* MM uhren
* Montano
* MSC uhren
* Muehle Glashuette
* Nauticfish
* N.B Y?eger
* Niessing
* Thomas Ninchritz
* Nimbus
* Nivrel
* Nomos Glash?tte
* Otium
* Otto Berger
* Otto Schlund
* Philippe Rosen
* Rainer Nienaber
* Rheinmeister
* Riedenschild
* Sainbach
* Schaumburg
* Schmeltzer 1881
* Sinn
* Sothis
* Steinhart
* Stowa
* Thiel-Ruhla
* Union Glashuette
* Volker Vyskocil
* Wempe
* Zeppelin
* Uhren

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