Desert Combat Boots

Desert combat boots are especially designed to be worn by soldiers and field operatives operating in deserts. This type of footwear played a major role in the tactical operations carried out by US soldiers sent to Iraq.

Key Features

  1. ample ventilationThe desert combat boots issued to US troops in Iraq are designed to have maximum ventilation.
    • Breathable leather and nylonUS desert combat boots have uppers made of quality leather and specialized nylon. These materials allow air to enter and pass through the boots.
    • Vent holesVent holes are located in the boot’s side panels. These holes let excess moisture out of the boots.
  2. stabilityStability in footing is another key feature of desert combat boots.
    • Ripple and Panama solesDesert combat boots have outsoles that feature ripple and Panama designs. These sole patterns help the wearer avoid slipping while walking or running in sandy places. Panama designs, in particular, allow stability when moving suddenly from one area to another.
    • Vulcanized rubberDesert combat boots have soles made of vulcanized rubber. This material provides insulation from the heat coming off the ground. Consequently, this feature protects the feet from blistering.
    • Removable cushion insolesDesert combat boots have removable cushion insoles. This allows the cushion to be replaced when it has worn out.
  3. waterproofDesert combat boots are often made of waterproof materials. This feature prevents the absorption of excess water while treading in the desert rain.Desert combat boots are designed for hot and humid environments. It is important to note that this type of footwear would not last long in very cold climates.

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