Danner Boots

Company Background

In 1932, Danner started making low-cost footwear with only a few workers in Wisconsin. From its humble beginnings, Danner strove through the decades to create quality logger style and hiking boots. Eventually, Danner Boots had positioned itself well in the industry and received awards from various American institutions. One of its most significant achievements is the design and development of the first waterproof boots.

Combat and Tactical Danner Boots

Tactical boots by Danner are special as they were made through the concept of overbuilding. This is a process wherein Danner tries to put as much necessary features and qualities in its boots as possible. Danner believes that overbuilding improves the product and shows value to the customers. Ultimately, to overbuild is to overserve.

Below are some of combat and tactical boots manufactured by Danner Boots:

Desert TFX Tan Rough Out Boot

The Desert TFX Tan Rough Out Boot is a tactical footwear made by Danner for military personnel. This boot has a unique Dri-Lex liner that maintains coolness and dryness while in hot weather. It is made of durable and breathable rough out leather that is designed for hot temperatures. The material also keeps the boot from absorbing too much water. Its outsole allows the wearer to have side traction and downhill breaking, which is important while working in uneven surfaces.

Striker 45 GTX Uniform Boot

Danner also produced tactical boots for both men and women. The Striker 45 GTX Uniform Boot is a good example of such footwear by Danner. It features a performance platform developed through the Terra Force technology. This makes the boot stable and lightweight at only 46 ounces. The boot’s full grain leather is durable and can be cleaned and polished easily. The Denier nylon upper lets air around the feet and resists tears and abrasions. The lug outsole ensures the wearer is safe from slipping while he is on the move.

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