Combat Boots

Appropriate footwear is a crucial component of any military uniform. Combat boots have features that are appropriate for all services in the military whether they are in the army, navy, or air force.

Materials Used

The upper parts of combat boots are often made of high-quality breathable full grain leather. This material provides good ventilation, particularly during extended periods of tactical operations. Combat boots made of breathable leather are appropriate for aircraft and tank officers.

Leather is also water resistant. Leather combat boots is suitable for navy troops in operations at sea.

Another advantage afforded by leather is durability. Leather combat boots are capable of withstanding increased amounts of stress caused by walking, marching, and running.

Specialized Features

Aside from their main materials, combat boots have other significant features to suit the needs of every military service.

  1. side zippersSide zippers allow boots to be slipped on and donned within seconds. The nylon lace can be tighten or loosen within seconds according to comfort ability. These features are useful in events requiring immediate preparation.
  2. specialized solesCombat boots have fitting sole designs which have the right thickness and depth. This feature lets aircraft pilots properly distinguish foot pedals and levers.In addition, combat boot sole patterns are designed to provide adequate traction. This feature prevents slipping while in slopes and damp areas.

Combat boot soles are often made of strong rubber. This material lessens the impact from falls and protects the wearer from injury.

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