Books and Videos

Paladin Press

Books and videotapes on personal and financial freedom, survival and preparedness, firearms and shooting, martial arts and self-defense, military and police tactics, knives and knife fighting, and more.

Delta Press

Some of the most outrageous and hard to find books anywhere.

Eden Press

Books on privacy, new identity, business opportunities, free money, and foreign passports.

Flying Machines Press

The leading publisher of lavishly illustrated combat aviation histories in the world. Covering the great planes, pilots, and air campaigns from the Civil War to the Gulf War, all the books are definitive reference sources packed with rare photos, exquisite color plates, and scale drawings of the classic aircraft of the Great War and beyond.

Loompanics Unlimited

The publisher of some of the world’s most unusual and controversial nonfiction and how-to books for anarchists, survivalists, investigators, drop-outs, researchers, and just about anyone interested in the strange, the useful, the arcane, the oddball, the unusual, the unique and the diabolical. Loompanics has been satisfying unusual information needs for more than 20 years.

Military/Info Publishing

A publisher reprinting military technology, especially of the lost, forgotten and mislaid variety.

New Falcon Publications

Some really odd titles.

Sycamore Island Books

The typical Sycamore Island Books customer travels a different path – both intellectually and geographically. This outdoors/travel/adventurer type enjoys high-quality, unusual, and thought-provoking books that inspire and transport through words and images.

Video Learning Library – Firearms

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