Body Armor

Visit the body armor vendors listed below to find the protective gear that meets your needs.

Remember, the best body armor is the body armor on your body. A lightweight vest that you will actually wear may be much better for you than a vest with Kevlar plates sitting in your locker.

Also remember that a bullet resistant vest isn’t a bullet proof vest – you can still get shot and killed while wearing a bullet resistant vest.

Body Armor Manufacturers


Armorsmith Company, a Texas Corporation, was formed for the research, development and commercialization of advanced armor systems comprising of transparent armor, rigid hybrid composite plates and flexible textile layers that are scalable to the levels of protection required for the individual war fighter per their mission requirements.

American Body Armor and Equipment

Since our founding in 1969, American Body Armor has continually lead the field in creating ways to save lives. American Body Armor remains comitted to seeking the newest technologies to combat the ever-changing threats to law-enforcement, limitary, and corrections personnel. American Body Armor was the first U.S. body armor company to carry the ISO-9000 Seal of Approval for quality.


Armourshield Ltd, of Brtitain, has designed and manufactured body armor systems for over 20 years. Our enviable reputation for quality and product operational effectiveness is a reflection of our commitment to the body armor user. Armourshield produces body armor to the highest quality standards. We have ISO 9002 certification and are continually striving to make sure that our products are the best available. Our in-house ballistic test range ensures that our research and development programmes design body armor systems which meet the toughest ballistic standards. Our client list is long and diverse and our customers are assured of total confidentiality. We supply body armor to many countries for a variety of end-uses; for law enforcement, military, Special Forces and civilian authorities. Each product range is specially designed and crafted for its intended purpose. Armourshield has more official United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ) product certifications than any other non-American body armor company. The NIJ test is recognised as the international standard for body armor. These third party certifications reflect Armourshield’s commitment to producing body armor to the highest standards.

First Choice Armor

First Choice Armor strives to be the leader when it comes to your protection. First Choice Armor continually exceeds the accepted standards of body armor protection, offering products that stay ahead of new threats in an ever-changing world. Since our inception, we have pioneered some of the most exciting innovations in body armor. First Choice was the first company in the U.S. to manufacture the lightest combo ballistic/stab-shank resistant vest, setting a new standard in the industry for quality, durability and design. Our excellence is validated by the fact that First Choice Armor is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company.

JHRG Armor and High Performance Fabric Specialists

Manufacturers of soft body armor; ballistic vests; steel and ceramic plates; high performance Supreme Protector fabric, sewing thread, tactical load bearing gear, stab resistant aprons, marine sentinels, chafe protection devices, sawyers KickBack aprons and custom crafted textiles for aviation, industrial, military and consumer applications.

Ordnance Body Armor

Ordnance Body Armor is made of woven arimid fiber (Kevlar) combined in a patented system to produce soft body armor panels which are very light, very thin, and have an impressively reduced backface signature. These body armor panels retain their integrity right to the edges, as well as multiple hits to the same area. They are 100% water proof, dielectric and float in fresh water. The process used prevents edges from fraying, they do not bunch up or degrade over their useful life. These panels will actually take on the shape of the wearer.

P.A.C.A. Body Armor

Since its inception in 1975, PACA Body Armor has maintained an unwavering commitment to developing and producing the highest quality, most wearable, safest body armor in the industry.

Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.

For more than a generation, Point Blank Body Armor has been synonymous with superior technology, uncompromising quality and complete dedication to customer service. Point Blank is proud to be the industry’s leading innovator of new products and designs engineered to maximize comfort and ballistic protection.

Protective Products International

Started in 1994, Protective Products International manages it’s production of body armor from a Florida base. The company’s owner and president, Stephen Giordanella, while fully aware of the challenge ahead, held firmly to the belief that a product offering exceptional quality, at affordable prices with reliable sales service is bound to find it’s niche.

PSP, Inc.

Canadian body armor manufacturer

RBR Armor, Inc.

The Premier Ballistic Helmet and Integrated Armor Systems Manufacturer

Second Chance Body Armor

Second Chance is the inventor and world’s most successful manufacturer of modern, wearable, concealable body armor. Our “bulletproof” vests save more lives every year than any other manufacturer. For over twenty-five years… through nine generations of technology… Second Chance vests have been distinguished by their superb design, superior wearability, guaranteed fit, high value, and flawless field performance