Blackhawk Boots

Company Background

Blackhawk was established in 1993 by Mike Noell. Noell is a weathered Navy SEAL who had served in Northern Iraq. His unfavorable experience with faulty tactical gear in Iraq has prompted Noell to put up Blackhawk Gear.

Backed up by his experience, Blackhawk manufactured tactical equipment that adhered to the rigorous requirements of field operatives. The company initially catered to the needs of Noell’s colleagues. Eventually, Blackhawk catered to other organizations as well.

Blackhawk Tactical Boots

Tactical boots are one of Blackhawk’s specialties. The technology inspired by the founder’s first-hand experiences in navy operations makes Blackhawk boots unique from other footwear. The developer knows how soldiers and other military personnel feel and what they need during crucial events while in duty. This can clearly be seen in the features presented in Blackhawk’s tactical boots.

Warrior Wear Light Assault Boot

The Warrior Wear Light Assault Boot is a lightweight footwear ideal for operations in watery environments. It has a fast-drying synthetic microfiber upper that keeps moisture out. Other related features include the water-friendly polyurethane midsole and waterproof molded insole.

The Warrior Wear Light Assault Boot is also fitted with features for safety and durability. It has a oil resistant Vibram Trail Run outsole that provides stability, especially in slippery grounds. In addition, its toe and heel reinforcements are made of durable rubber.

Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot

The Warrior Wear Black Ops Boot combines features for protection and comfort. It features a custom molded footbed made of anti-microbial Ortholite that keeps the wearer from foot infections. The boot’s fully gusseted tongue stops even the smallest debris from entering it.

Another distinct feature of the Black Ops boot is its open cell structure. This system lets air travel through and around the boot’s insole and creates a cooler environment for the feet.

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