Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is a line of mechanical and instrument watches designed for professionals. Its designs were initially made for jet pilots, scuba divers, and astronauts. These watches were designed to withstand and function in outer space, underwater, or whilst breaking the sound barrier.

Company History

French designers Carlos A. Rosillo and Bruno Belamich established the Bell & Ross company in 1993. The designs of the company’s products were guided by the simple idea: “function shapes form”. The brand’s first timepieces were designed by Belamich and Rosillo in close collaboration with Sinn, a reputable German watchmaker.

Bell & Ross started their production in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Initially, Bell & Ross products incorporated designs that were practically those of reissued Sinn models. These models carried the Sinn and Bell & Ross logo until the partnership ended in 2002.

Company Milestones

  • The collaboration of Sinn and Bell & Ross result to the designing and launching of Space One and Hydro.
  • Bell & Ross established itself as a reliable manufacturer of chronometers. Their chronometers were immediately adopted by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the French Air Force. Later, the bomb disposal squad of the French Security Services also adopted Bell & Ross chronometers.
  • Bell & Ross is the manufacturer of Hydromax, a watch designed for deep underwater work. This model holds the record for water resistance of up to 11,000 meters.
  • Bell & Ross released again the Space One in 1994. It was the first automatic chronometer worn in space during the 1983 Space Lab mission.
  • Bell & Ross created the Bomb disposal type in 1996 for the Bomb disposal Unit of the French Security Services. The watch featured an anti-magnetic case.

Bell & Ross’s Hydro Challenger was awarded the world Water Resistance Record in 1997 by the Guinness Book of Records. It holds the record at 11,000 meters.

  • The Space 3 chronograph launched in 1998 brought together all of Bell & Ross’s expertise. The watch’s main feature is the T-Crown system, which allows the crown to be fully incorporated within the case.
  • In 2002, Bell & Ross launched the Vintage 123 Heure Sautante. This is the first watch that allows the hour hand to jump. It is equipped with a power reserve indicator. The watch was a partnership between Bell & Ross and Vincent Calabrese, a Swiss craftsmand.


  • Bell & Ross chronographEach Bell & Ross chronograph is intended to withstand the rigors of extreme careers. These timepieces are built to survive in arctic temperatures, high altitudes, and high acceleration. Their common features include the employment of Airplane instrument panel design principles in the design of their face, Swiss chronograph movements, and water resistance.
  • Vintage CollectionThe entire collection is inspired by military watches and calls to mind the origins of the mechanical watch for professionals.
  • Classic collectionThe classic collection is directly inspired by pilot watches. It features water resistance up to 200 meters.
  • High Tech CollectionThis collection was designed to address the rigorous needs of men who encounter adverse and difficult working environments. For instance, the pilot line was designed to be read accurately in a fraction of a second. The GMT line is featured with multiple time zones.

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