A good backpack can make a heavy load more bearable, which helps to keep you in good physical shape and may help to keep you alive.

A good backpack not only holds everything you need, but also makes it easy for you to retrieve what you need when you need it.

A military backpack should be extremely durable without adding unnecessary weight.

Manufacturers of Backpacks


Manufacturer of many fine military backpacks, including: Assault Packs, Airborne Packs, Medical Packs, Patrol Packs and Rucksacks.


Modular and multifunctional military backpacks.

Blackhawk Tactical Backpacks

Maxpedition Backpacks


Backpacks designed by Amron, manufactured by Kelty. 3-Day Packs, Field Packs, and Medic Packs.

Tactical Tailor

Three-Day Assault Pack, Assault Pack Plus, M-5 Medic Pack, Malice Pack, and Trauma Pack.

Tactical Alliance

Manufacturer of the TacPack

Backpacks for Sale at U.S. Cavalry

Small Canvas A.L.I.C.E. Backpack

Small Canvas A.L.I.C.E. Pack Small Canvas ALICE Backpack

Sortie/Commo Patrol Backpack

Sortie/Commo Patrol Pack Sorties / Commo Patrol Backpack

Spec-Ops Day Backpack

Spec-Ops Day Pack Special Ops Day Backpack

Three-Day Assault Backpack

Three Day Assault Pack 3-day Assault Backpack

Special Operations Medical Backpack

Special Operations Medical Backpack Special Ops Medical Backpack

Digital Assault Backpack

Digital Assault Pack Digital Assault Backpack

Tactical Assault Backpack

Tactical Assault Pack Tactical Assault Backpack