Army Boots

Footwear is a significant component of the US Army’s uniform. The US Army is the main agency that deals with defense and warfare on land. Given its importance, special attention is given to the uniform used by the army troops, including its footwear.

US Army Boots Features

US Army boots have intricate designs to provide increased mobility, comfort, and safety.

  1. specialized solesUS army boots employ an oil and flame resistant soling system. This feature is essential during operations in hazardous areas. US army boots are also made shock resistant in order to prevent injuries caused by electrocutions.The sole’s design is also intricate and specialized. These boots are fitted with outsoles that have patterns with appropriate serrations. This sole design enables the soldiers to walk and run quickly. It also allows them to jump with much leverage.Army boots outsoles are often made of vulcanized rubber. This material provides better grip and prevents slipping.
  2. Comfort is emphasizedUS Army boots provide the right amount of comfort to their wearers. For instance, the boot’s inner walls and insole are padded with polyurethane. The said material reduces the stress and impact on the wearer’s feet.In addition, US Army boots are made of breathable side out cattlehide leather. This provides proper ventilation in humid environments.
  3. speed is criticalUS army boots are fitted with side zippers and collars with leather pull tabs. These features promote speed and ease of donning. Speed is critical in sudden tactical operations.
  4. protection against the elementsUS army boots also put emphasis on protection against external elements. For instance, the boots’ uppers and lowers are made of water resistant leather and nylon. These materials prevent excessive water from entering the boot, which could add weight and decrease the boot’s comfort.

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