511 Tactical Shirts

It is a bit odd that I am now highly recommending a shirt from 511 Tactical. My first experience with a 511 Tactical shirt was horrible. That shirt was 100% cotton and after the first wash (in cold water!) the shirt was already showing considerable fading. The shirt required extensive ironing (which it didn’t get) to prevent it from wrinkling so badly that it showed the inner lining on the outside.

However, I recently found myself looking at 511 Tactical’s new TDU Shirt and it looked good enough to give it a try. After several weeks of testing, I bought five more of the new shirts.

The shirt is made of a poly-cotton rip-stop material which does not require ironing. It has been through many wash cycles and still looks the same as the day I bought it. There is no noticable fading or wrinking. The material is also Teflon-treated to further enhance durability.

The heavy shirt material is sewn with triple stitching and a padded double elbow. Initially, I thought that the elbow padding might become a nuisance. However, after extended wearing I can comfortably report that the padding never gets in the way — except when it should.

The shirt features hidden document pockets on the front, pen slots on the sleeve, pocket bellows on the breast pockets, and sleeve keepers on the sleeve.

The picture below does not do justice to the shirt. In the picture, the shirt looks like a BDU shirt — but the shirt does not wear like a BDU shirt. The shirt can be tucked in and the look is similar to any other high-quality casual button-down shirt. This shirt is as comfortable with blue jeans as it is with BDU pants.

If you have the option, don’t buy directly from 511 Tactical. You can find much better pricing from resellers. I used Froogle to find a great deal at Code-2.

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